Fish River Canyon – Review

We visited a remote part of the beautiful Fish River Canyon. After an exhausting 10 hour hike, we used the Barocook for the first time. Wow what an amazing system!

There were strong winds in the Canyon when we got to our overnight spot. We had already put our food in the Barocook and only had to add water to the pasta and the heating pad. We then left it whilst we put up the tent. We didn’t worry about it falling over or about having to start a fire with the strong winds. It made the end of a long day of hiking so much easier. We didn’t even worry about the wind blowing sand in our food as the containers had their lids on. It was safe enough for us to finish cooking inside the tent when the wind got too much. It was easy to handle while it was still cooking and we didn’t have to worry about any fumes or setting the tent on fire. Our Barocook was also awesome to use in the mornings. We could put it on with some water for coffees, whilst we put down the tent. The water was prefect temperature for a cup of coffee. It was super easy and safe to use and it is easy to clean as well. We also used it as a lunchbox for leftovers for the next day. All we needed is some water and we could re-heat a great hot lunch wherever we wanted.

I am very grateful to Owen for his friendly and helpful service. He gave me expert advice on what products would best suit our needs. All-in-all, this is one amazing system, it made the trip so much easier and more enjoyable.

Linette Walton – Insurlutions (Pty) Ltd


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