How to use Barocook

Watch a short video demonstrating how the innovative Barocook Flameless Cooking System works with just a Baropack and some water! Your food stays isolated in a separate heating container from the non-toxic quick-lime Baropack and water, to create an exothermic reaction that reaches 95°C for the … Read More

Fish River Canyon – Review

We visited a remote part of the beautiful Fish River Canyon. After an exhausting 10 hour hike, we used the Barocook for the first time. Wow what an amazing system! There were strong winds in the Canyon when we got … Read More

Carry Less, Do More, Be More

Being out in the wilderness does and means different things to us all. But one thing we all have in common when we are in our favourite remote haven is the feeling of calm that slowly washes over us, grounding our stress … Read More