At Barocook we strive to create innovative products and to partner with other unique companies with a vision that is aligned with our own. Making your long travels easier and more enjoyable.

  • Barocook products can be used as storage for uncooked food, saving weight and space.
  • You can also store and then reheat leftovers in a Barocooker.
  • Barocookers and Baropacks can be taken on an aircraft, unlike gas. This is particularly useful on long trips and layovers with the Baby Bottle Warmer.
  • Barocookers can be used in (ventilated) tents during bad weather.
  • Barocool ice-packs can be added to the cooking zone space on compatible Barocookers to keep perishable food chilled, saving space.
  • We have partnered with The Raw Food Company who sells dehydrated vegetarian pasta/rice vegetable-based meals that can be stored inside the Barocooker while travelling, saving space and weight.
  • The non-toxic Baropack heating pads are 100% biodegradable/compostable – made up of only paper fibres and quick-lime. You can responsibly dispose of used pads by burying them anywhere you are allowed to along with tissue papers (Principle 3), saving weight on your return journey.
  • Barocookers can be safely used in high-risk fire areas when used responsibly or can be used in areas that don’t allow open fires of any kind.


We test and use our products to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.
We have also tested Barocook with products from the companies we have partnered to ensure compatibility and quality.
Our blog has many great stories, recipes and tips about the products we sell.


Neither we or our official sales channel (Marketeers-SA) handle any payments directly or store any card or banking information. Our server has no access to these details whatsoever as we use a secure PayFast handover which helps protect both you and us, with many payment options available (Cash, EFT, Credit or Debit Cards, and even Bitcoin).


Orders arrive in 2-5 business days to your door (depending on areas, outlying, rural, etc.). We strive to make sure each order is processed within one working day of purchase.