Healthy, tasty and convenient vegetarian meals and snacks from preserved vegetables and fruits.

Produced by a small Cape Town-based family company, these delicious dehydrated vegetable mixes come with easy to follow instructions and plenty of mix-and-match meal options –  seventeen types of veggies, two types of rice-based veggie dinner mixes and three pasta based veggie dinner mixes (the Chilli Tomato & Mixed Pepper Spaghetti featured here). Perfect to use in a Barocooker – as you just add water to both to start cooking!

The vegetables and pasta rehydrate and a thick and delicious sauce is formed once simmered down. The spices and seasoning come in a separate sachet so you can add according to taste – a thoughtful feature. They also offer healthy snacks for when you are on the go – like mushroom biltong and dried fruits.

Their products have been tested with Barocook and are perfectly suited for:

  • hikers, travellers and other outdoor sports people, who need quick, but tasty hot meals, which won’t take up a lot of weight, time and space;
  • households without electricity or freezing facilities, as dehydrated products last for months if stored in a dry, airtight container.

You can buy their products online at: